Sneak peek!

Because I can’t wait until it’s all put back together to show it off…I’m gonna let the pictures do the talking again here:

About half way there!

You can see the dining room is done- the flooring looks very orange in this picture- it’s not.

A close up of the new carpet (on the stairs) and the new floor- this gives you a good idea of the flooring color

A shot of the kitchen- again, the flooring color is off in this picture.  It’s actually very similar to the cabinet color, both have a lot of color variation to them
Done done and done!!

Lookin’ good!  I even have a hard time believing it’s vinyl honestly…

Now we just need to put down a ton of quarter round and touch up the trim paint and move all the furniture back in!  Easy right?  Ha!  We spent most of last night cleaning and polishing the floor- it’s recommended to strip off the original wax finish with a vinyl cleaner and then put down a couple thin coats of polish to protect the floor.  The polish removed any scuffs that were made in the original finish by the installers- and if we get new scuffs/scratches in the finish (dog nails!) we just apply a tiny bit of the polish with a sponge to remove them.

Can’t wait to move things back in- although our living room feels HUGE right now! 


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