You know what that means right?  Yep- the gravel is done.  In the backyard anyway- by no means is the giant pile in our driveway gone, but we have plans for the rest of it.  I can’t take any credit for the rest of the gravel going in- work was slow for my husband yesterday, so he took a half day off and came home early to work on the gravel (he is crazy- he actually wanted to shovel it!)  He even took a couple of pictures of the finished product- check it out!

A view from the side- there’s a doggy under there!

Done done done!!  Excuse the teeter totter in the photo.  That’s for the dogs- really, I’m not kidding.  Not for Jackson (pictured) though- he’s too old to do any teeter-tottering.  Ellie and Kirby both use it as part of their agility training. 

Anyway- it looks so nice now that it’s done!  We got a decent rain yesterday morning, so half of it is nice and clean.  It should rain again Friday and wash off the rest of it, which will make for less muddy doggy paws- except when they tromp through the dirt flower bed- gotta get some plants and mulch in there pronto.  I think we’ve decided on planting clover in the backyard as a ground cover- it’s supposed to grow in any soil (including our crappy clay soil), adds nitrogen back to the soil (so it makes your lawn healthier) is drought tolerant, shade tolerant and dog urine resistant- plus you can sow it at any time in the year.  It does attract bees, but we already end up with yellow jacket nests in the yard, so I’m not too concerned about the addition of some more bees- we’ll just try and keep it mowed to reduce the number of flowers.  I think that the little bit of grass we already have back there will benefit from the clover and fill in even more- when we bought the house there was no grass back there at all because no one bothered to clear away the leaves.  Plus the clover is cheap- a 2lb bag of seeds covers around 4,000 square feet of lawn (which is WAY more than we have) and costs around $15.  Did you know that you can also sow clover seeds in your garden after your plants have come up and it will keep the weeds down AND help fertilizer your plants??  Pretty sweet.

That’s the latest around here, on the outside anyway.  We just got the call yesterday that our carpet is ready to be installed (eek!) so we have some furniture moving to do this weekend and then I’ll have a carpet post to share with you!!


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