Dare to DIY: My thanksgiving table

Happy Monday everyone!!  Today I’m participating in Kim at Newlywoodwards Dare to DIY party- this week it’s showing off your holiday table.

Ok, big confession.  We don’t eat at the table, except if we have guests.  I’m hoping this tradition will change once we have kids, but for now it’s just easier and more comfortable to eat in our living room.  This doesn’t mean we plop down in front of the TV- we usually sit and chat about our days, do dishes and THEN plop down in front of the TV- true story!

Anyway- because we don’t usually eat at the table, I like to decorate it.  Which means there’s not a lot of room for plates!  So I didn’t set it for these pictures- but I’m showing it off anyway.  Here’s what our table will look like for Thanksgiving this year (sorry y’all- I refuse to put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving- I will do another post showing off my Christmas table though)

Not terribly exciting, I know.  But it puts me in the fall mood!  My mother in-law made the small orange pumpkin runner.  The green runner came from my friend’s wedding a few years ago (and you’ll see it make it’s reappearance at Christmas!)  Then I put down a leaf plate, some silk leaves and mini gourds.  The vase in the center used to have acorns inside it as well- we have 5 million acorns in our yard, so I thought they’d be a great vase filler.  I washed and dried them- and they molded.  Gross.  So I tossed them.  The mini gourds don’t need acorns in there anyway, right??   The candlesticks are a thrift store find- they’re a really pretty milky green with swirls of clear green in them- you can kind of see that detail in the picture below.

And that’s my fall table- ta da!  I hope you like it- and if you have a tablescape to share, link it up to Kim’s link party!!


One thought on “Dare to DIY: My thanksgiving table

  1. Very pretty! I like how you layered the different colors and patterns. It looks really nice. I’m also impressed that your candlesticks are staying up straight. Mine always look lopsided.Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!


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