Happy first day of fall!

And happy Friday everyone!

I have to say, I’m excited about the change in season.  Not that it’s going to be much different here in Georgia- instead of super hot with a giant side of humidity it’s just going to be hot with a tiny bit of humidity, probably for at least another month.  But- it’s fun to see fall stuff popping up on Pinterest and to know that soon the leaves are going to be changing colors.  And sometimes the weather gives us a break so I can wear some jeans every once in awhile!!

Fall in Moscow, ID- I took this photo while visiting my sister who was going to college there. 

 I’ve decided I really enjoy seasonal changes and the anticipation of the change- looking forward to cooler, crisp days and falling leaves in fall, cold frosty mornings (yes, we get those here) in winter, things getting green and warming up in spring and even the long, hot summer days. 

What’s your favorite thing about fall?  Do you have a favorite season?

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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