I’m back!  Betcha didn’t think I’d make it after the weekend!!  Ha- maybe I will stick to this blogging thing.
So after we bought our house, we spent the next 8 months painting every. single. surface.  (I don’t think we did anything have to do with the outside, except stain the fence- and technically that could be considered painting as well!)  Some people say that a room in your house won’t feel like your own until you paint it- I can see that.  Especially since one of the draws about owning your own home is making it your own space.  We had two motivators for painting the rooms soon after moving into our house, aside from making it our own space.  1. The people who lived there before were TERRIBLE painters.  I have a sneaking suspicion they painted right before they put it on the market, because that paint was slapped up on those walls.  Example: our bedroom was tan except part of one wall (not the whole wall) got left blue- why??  2.  We didn’t want to move furniture into a room until the room got painted, because we didn’t want to be playing furniture shuffle.  So our bedroom was the first to be painted, then the kitchen, then the living room, etc etc. 
Now where am I going with all of this?  Well, a few months after we’d moved in, we decided to paint the downstairs bathroom.  This was about a month before my husband’s parents were coming stay with us.  The bathroom wasn’t terrible from afar:
See- not too bad.  What you don’t fully see is the slapped on paint that’s too dark for the space, the white laminate counter top that is separating from the plywood and the giant mirror/light fixture that’s straight from the 80’s.

But up close it needed some love- especially after we’d freshened up the rest of the rooms of the house. So my husband took it upon himself to start painting the bathroom one weekend.  We like to start by painting the trim, because it’s easiest to tape off.  Around the tub is quarter-round trim that is sealed with silicone.  He started by scraping off the old silicone…to discover the quarter-round was soft.  As in squish your finger into it soft.  Whoops.  So out came the quarter-round.  Then, he got a wild hair to peel back the linoleum to see if there was any water damage to the sub-floor.  Can you guess what he found?  Yup.  Next thing we know, the bathroom starts looking like this:

Wasn’t this supposed to be a simple paint job??

 And this:

Yep, not simple.

 What we discovered was the subfloor by the tub was rotten.  And water had actually seeped under the wall, into the bedroom next door.  Yikes.  Luckily, the wall was not soft.  And we were able to pull back the carpet in the bedroom and air dry everything- the water seepage was fairly contained to a small spot and the only major damage was in the bathroom.  Phew.  (But picture me panicked when this all first started- that’s what I do, panic like it’s my JOB.)

So my husband cut out a piece of the sub-floor (FYI- never done this before- another great thing about owning your own house, you learn on the job!) and replaced it with a new piece of plywood.  What you don’t see pictures of is the 3 days (!!) it took to remove the linoleum first.  They glue that sh*t down!  I never, ever want to repeat that process!!

After the floor was finished, there was just the simple task of patching holes, leveling the walls with spackle and sanding (FYI- never put layer after layer of paint around a light fixture/mirror- it leaves a giant ridge), replacing the counter top (can’t have pretty walls with out a pretty counter!), oh yeah and laying a new floor!  Did I mention that my in-laws would be visiting within the month and that this was our only bathroom downstairs??  Nothing like a little pressure to get you moving.

We didn’t have the tools to lay tile, and I personally do not love the feel of tile, nor the amount of effort it takes to clean it.  So we picked up some vinyl flooring from Home Depot** that is a row of 3 tiles that “stick” in place (it was kind of like laying tongue and groove flooring that’s sticky) and looks/feels like tile.  See:

Not too bad for vinyl!!

The counter top was ordered from Home Depot (seriously, they love us there!) and is a solid surface coating over cultured marble (special order, made by St Paul, color is ginger).  We chose a rectangular, undermount sink.  LOVE (all sinks should be undermount, IMHO).  The faucet isn’t pictured, but it’s this one by Glacier Bay.  The light fixture is similar to this one (the sides are square though, not rounded like the one in the picture)- I was limited by what I could choose for the new light fixture because the hole for the electrical was a large square, not a small circle.  Boo.

We also had the mirror cut down, because it was mounted with plastic flowers that were 4″ inset from the edge of the mirror- gag.  Plus it was GIANT.  After re-mounting it with thin silver mirror hooks, my husband framed it out with pieces of stained pine molding.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the frame- that was done long after my in-laws visit (Note to self- take updated pics!).

Want to see the end result?

Ta da!  The stained glass came from my husband’s grandparent’s house.  It happened to fit PERFECTLY in the window and the frame matches the stain on the vanity- total coincidence.  It looks really lovely during the day when the sun is shining through.  The paint color is Harvest Brown by Behr, with Raffia Cream on the ceiling (we also used these colors in the living room and laundry room- they read differently in ever room)

Phew.  That bathroom was a lot more work than we’d expected it to be- but it looks so nice now.  Well worth the effort.  What do you think?  Have you ever found a surprise while doing a simple project at your house?

**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated in anyway by this company for this post.


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