Happy holidays…

Watch out- two posts in one day, I’m on a roll!

So the holidays are coming up…in fact we’ve actually celebrated one Thanksgiving and one Christmas already!  We live WAY far away from any family (my husband and I are both from Washington State, currently residing in Georgia) so we’ve had to get a little creative about the holidays the past two years we’ve been here.  And we don’t even have kids…imagine how that will complicate things…OK let’s not talk about that yet.  So anyway- my parents came out to visit this past week and so we decided to have an early Thanksgiving and Christmas with them.  There was even a turkey and a mini Christmas tree!

Anyway- the point of this post was to talk about one of my favorite ways of staying in touch with people during the holiday season, especially those that live far away from you…holiday cards!  I started sending holiday cards after my husband and I got married- since we’d formed our own little family, holiday cards seemed to be the perfect way to update people on our lives.  Each year I do something a little different.  I used to make them- hand stamping/embossing every one, but I’ve gotten a little lazy the past few years and found that photo cards are a great way to update people- especially the grandparents.  So I was getting ready to browse the photo card selection when I stumbled upon this great offer by Shutterfly.  Awesome!!!  I love Shutterfly- I’ve used them in the past for Christmas cards and other projects with excellent results.

When my parents were visiting I had my mom take a photo of us in our backyard with her fancy pants new camera:

I’m thinking it will look pretty nice on one of these cards:

1. Birdie branch
2. Starry snowflakes
3. Holiday berries

Hopefully the husband will agree!!

Thanks so much Shutterfly!


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