Bargain hunting…

While we don’t technically own the house yet (*stamps feet impatiently* 2 more weeks!) I have still been doing some bargain hunting for things to furnish/decorate the new digs.  
Enter Bargain #1- Coffee table from Craigslist (I heart Craigslist). 
(Please ignore dog toys and the fact that it appears to take up our entire living room, because our current living room is the size of a clown car).
This solid wood (no veneer people!) beauty was $150- a steal considering it’s in terrific shape and purchased new would have set us back almost $500.  It’s got some neat craftsman like details, and seems to suit our design aesthetic (which I’m calling a blend between traditional and contemporary- I think some call in transitional?)   The wicker baskets run the entire width of the table and have already become home to blankets and pillows that would otherwise clutter the couch.  Plus I can remove these entirely for a completely different look, and use them elsewhere in the house. 
Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I immediately went in search of new hardware for the “drawer” pulls (actually doors- would have preferred them to be drawers as this would be useful for remotes, coasters, etc- but beggars can’t be choosers).  Of course these “drawer” pulls are an odd size- 4.5″ to be exact.  Everything I liked at Home Depot was either 4″ or 5″.  Sigh.  So, plan B.  Spray paint.  (I have a feeling spray paint and I are going to become BFF’s this year).  I found some “brushed nickel” spray paint ($7 for a can, which saves me almost $10 in the end considering there are 4 drawer pulls and replacing all 4 would have cost a little over $16) and went to town.  The result?  Satisfactory- I give it a B+.  I wouldn’t use this paint to change everything from _______ to brushed nickel (insert your metal of choice), but it does the job for this table.  I’ll post some more pics of the table once I finish with its makeover- since it’s so much larger than our old coffee table, it needs some substantial decor, don’t you think?
Bargain #2- Mirror from Target** (or as we like to call it…Tar-jay…ooooh la la!  I also heart Tar-jay, almost as much as Craigslist**…)
It’s 2 ft high by 3 feet wide, and I think it will make a great statement over our fireplace-
(Current owner’s furnishings, but you get the idea…)
I’ve wanted to hang a mirror over a fireplace for a long time, and I think this one fits the bill.  I’m hoping it will reflect some extra light in the room and make the room (which is long but not overly wide) seem larger than it already is.   I really like the clean, but substantial, lines of the frame and the dark color will fit in well with the framed photos we already have (or I can paint it later on to lighten things up if it becomes too heavy looking in the room).  This mirror was listed for $59.99, which is actually a pretty good deal considering its size and the fact that the frame is wood- but I got it for $45 as Target is currently running a sale.  With tax and shipping it came in right around $60.  Unfortunately this mirror isn’t available in stores, so running to my local store wasn’t an option.  But I still think it was a pretty good deal overall…
Stay tuned for more bargains…and a coffee table update at some point

**Disclosure:  I was not paid or compensated in any way by these companies for this post

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